The Krosno airport / airfield has a long-standing history and traditions back to the 1930s. Since its beginning it has been valued by novice pilots making their first steps in pilotage, and also enthusiasts of aviation, for its strategic and exceptional location.

The Bieszczady and Low Beskid Mountains nearby, as well as permanent air routes in the vicinity are undisputable advantages for using the airfield for training purposes to obtain a tourist pilot and also professional pilot licence and many other certified qualifications within those licenses.


The airport in Krosno has a paved tarmac-concrete runway with a system of lighting and the PAPI lights which enable performing flying operations also after dark.

Also 2 grassy airstrips are available; their regular maintenance enables using the airport irrespective of wind direction and strength.


The Krosno airfield was established in 1932 on the basis of a resolution of the Municipality Council of 1928. The main originator of its construction was General Ludomił Rayski. In 1938 the School for Air Force Non-Commissioned Officers for Juvenile Cadets was moved from Bydgoszcz to Krosno and it functioned till World War II. In 1939 the airfield was taken over by the German occupying invaders – they built a concrete runway and used it as a strategic airfield in their military operations against the USSR. Hitler’s troops got evacuated in 1944, after having bombed the airfield and its infrastructure/facilities.

In 1945 the Sub-Carpathian Flying Club began its activities on the airfield. In 1958 the Aviation/Air-Force Training Centre was established and ten years later – the Parachuting Training Centre. In 1993 the Central Aviation and Engineering School of the Polish Aero-Club was established which had a school for mechanics.

In December 2005 the local self-government authorities of the Sub-Carpathian Province conveyed the title to the airfield to the Municipality of Krosno. At present the Airport has 199.6 hectares, the Municipality of Krosno is its owner and its managing institution (the Town took over the management from The Polish Aero-Club in 2010). Since 2017 Lotnisko Krosno Sp. z o. o., a municipal limited liability company, has been performing managerial functions.


The extended Krosno Airport is going to serve a wide range of customers, first of all as:
– a base for aviation training, including training of pilots, aircraft mechanics and ground personnel,
– an aviation sports centre, flying club aviation and recreational flying,
– the necessary infrastructure/facilities for aircraft manufacturing sector, including manufacturers of light and ultra-light aircraft, and also aviation services businesses,
– a base for small passenger transport/communication (air taxis, business and tourist traffic),
– a base for air cargo transport.


Lit runway, landing approach light, the PAPI lights and taxiing roads and aprons, which enable the use of the Airport by aircraft of their wing-span up to 24 metres. The expample aircraft which fall in this category are: AN-2, M-18 (AN-28), ATR-42, Dornier DO 228, L410 Turbolet, DHC 6 , King Air C90, Piper PA34, Piper PA 28, SAAB 340, Cessna 206, Cessna 208 Caravan. The planes can be used for passenger transport, carriage of goods and all the machines are owned by Polish certified air carriers. The planes can take aboard from a few up to 46 passengers.

A certified aircraft fuel station was opened in the Airport. In near future the GNSS satellite navigation procedures are going to be developed and approved, which will enable using the airfield in difficult weather conditions.